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Yield Predictor

What is the Yield Predictor?
The Yield Predictor is a report that documents the expected energy yield of a solar electric system. The objective is a reliable energy yield estimate meeting scientific standards for use in due diligence and acceptable to financial institutions. It involves a detailed analysis of local climatic conditions looking at the interplay of solar radiation, changing atmospheric conditions, and its impacts on solar yields. The solar radiation level is remotely assessed by means of weather satellites with more than 100 thousand satellite images. Zooming in on the site location, the satellite provides a complete record of solar radiation measurements. It's like having an on-site solar sensor without the hazzle of installing and maintaining on-site measurements. Taking into account size and mounting angles of your photovoltaic system, the energy yield estimate is derived and documented in the Yield Predictor report.

What services do I get with the Yield Predictor?
Our service for you: Report summarizing:

  • energy yield prediction in kWh,

  • long-term annual average of irradiation in the plane of incidence,

  • monthly distribution,

  • inter-annual fluctuations.

We guarantee to prepare the Yield Predictor report within five business days. You receive a hard copy by mail and additionally a PDF sent by email.

Are there additional benefits?
Yes, solar installers can have their business logo and address printed in the report. It's a way of displaying your company as the ordering party of the Yield Predictor report. This feature is offered at no additional cost.

How much does the Yield Predictor cost?
The price for the Yield Predictor is 149,- €.

Which payment options are available?
You can pay online by using your PayPal account. For our business clients in the SEPA payments area we offer payment by invoice.

Can I try the Yield Predictor before I buy it?
Yes, here's a sample report that shows how your Yield Predictor will look like.

You can also try the online ordering service without committing to buy. It's a free tool to get a close-up view of your home from a bird eye perspective. With the aerial imagery you can gain a visual impression how suitable your roof is for solar. To get started simply enter your address into the entry field below Get the Yield Predictor! You are free to terminate the ordering process at any step without obligation.

How do I order the Yield Predictor?
On top of this page you find an address entry field. Please enter your address there. You will see an aerial view of your house and your neighborhood. Follow the ordering process which will guide you step by step on taking measurements of your roof and ordering your Yield Predictor report.